Teller’s Mattress was founded in 2013 with a simple goal: “To have the lowest prices and provide the best service”.

Founder Allan Teller had spent many years prior working for or with the larger mattress stores in the area. While he learned the trade he learned what the other stores were doing well, but more importantly what they were doing poorly. He learned that the biggest complaint customers had was that the price the large stores charged for bedding was just too high! Everyone deserved a good nights sleep, but not everyone could afford it. So Allan set out to fix the problem in the bedding industry. How? By running the lowest overhead operation in the business. He obtained cheap warehouse space and assembled a small highly skilled team that worked directly with him. Lowest overhead meant being able to sell for the lowest prices. A small highly skilled team meant the best service for the customer. AND BAM! Just like that a business that would forever change the bedding industry was born. The days of over paying for bedding was over! You could now shop the Teller’s way and skip the big box because as we all know the big box costs big bucks!